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Impact and actions, a competitive regenerative hotel.

Sustainability of Posadas de España

In Posadas de España we are a leading example of commitment to sustainability and environmental protection through the implementation of new technologies. Each hotel in Posadas de España has its own essence, but share the fundamental principle of sustainability and a common commitment to promote values based on social, local and environmental care. The focus on good practice and the adoption of a model of responsible management have allowed Posadas of Spain to obtain several certificates, among which the Bioscore certificate. This certificate takes into account the triple environmental, social and governance, and is based on requirements set by existing legislation and standards international.

Memy Sustainability 2022
Sustainable hotels
We are currently witnessing a process of profound transformation in the economic and social. Society is increasingly committed to the values of sustainable development, which has led to an increase in demand for services that are environmentally friendly. Governments and governments are promoting stricter legislation focused on the protection of environment, social cohesion and responsible business practices.

Given this evolution, hotel companies operating in Spain are striving to to adapt to this new reality, which is defined by the expectations and travellers, institutions and their entire value chain. The focus on good practice and the adoption of a responsible management model have allowed Posadas of Spain to obtain several certificates, among which the Bioscore certificate. This certificate takes into account the triple environmental, social and governance, and is based on requirements set by existing legislation and standards international. In this way, we ensure compliance with national and international.


Posadas de España’s commitment to sustainability and care for the environment not only demonstrates our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, but also positions us as leaders in the hotel sector. The integration of economic, social and environmental management in our daily lives aims to create long-term shared value.

● Commitment of management to incorporate sustainability in all strategic areas.
●Inclusion of sustainability in all organizational policies and different standards.
● Actions to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals contained in the 2030 Agenda.

Responsible declaration

Project “Gift a Tree, Save the Planet”
In Europe, an average of 30 minutes is spent cleaning a room, costing approximately €10 and consuming 35 litres of water, 100 ml of chemicals and 1.5 kWh of electricity.

The impact of this data on the environment has led us to form an alliance with the British group Quartz Inn Hotels and participate in the tree planting project "Gift a Tree, Save the Planet", so that when the client decides not to request the cleaning of his room, we will plant a tree in its name and issue an Official Certificate indicating the kg of CO compensated, the species of tree and its location, being able to be geolocated through Google Maps. In this way you get:

● Offset CO emissions.
● Reduce water and electricity consumption.
● Reduce the use of polluting chemicals that pour into the sea.

Responsible management of purchases

During the last year, at Posadas de España we have conveyed to our suppliers our concern and initiatives in favor of sustainability, asking them to report on their actions in this area.

To the extent possible, we implement environmental criteria for the selection of products offered from recycled, biodegradable and fully recyclable materials.

For the hiring of new suppliers, we establish sustainability as a criterion, being one of the points to consider in the selection. The implementation of environmental criteria in the hiring and renewal of suppliers allows us at Posadas de España to influence our value chain, betting on a more responsible and sustainable chain.

Suppliers committed to sustainability
We work with the most awarded mattress company in terms of sustainability! Pikolín has the AENOR Zero Waste certificate and the GdO origin guarantee certificate, 100% of the electricity consumed from renewable sources.

The pillows and duvets are supplied by Velamen, a certified company and BETTER COTTON member for a more responsible consumption of cotton worldwide (sustainable and recycled raw materials, raw fabrics and natural fibers and reusable packaging).

In 2022, 55% of our new suppliers (candy, bags, packaging, etc.) have been evaluated and selected according to environmental criteria.

Thermal and photovoltaic solar panels

In order to achieve stable and continuous energy savings, we have identified the need to establish a strategic savings plan that includes energy policies, consumption optimization and cost reduction, without compromising the comfort of our customers.
One of the most outstanding actions is in the field of heating, with the installation of solar thermal panels. These plates generate energy invested in the Sanitary Hot Water (ACS) system, which is stored in tanks, reducing considerably the consumption of natural gas for this purpose and contributing to a lower emission of CO to the atmosphere.

At the end of 2022, Posadas de España began the installation of photovoltaic panels to self-sufficient electricity for lighting in its hotels. These plates have supplied 9.10 MWh of energy, thus avoiding grid consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 3.80 tons.

Charging stations for electric cars
Posadas de España hotels in Pinto, Malaga and Cartagena have stations Wenea charging for electric cars. On the other hand, our Paterna hotel offers a Tesla Supercharger station.

Bioscore Certification

The four hotels of Posadas in Spain have obtained the prestigious Bioscore certification, that validates our work for sustainability. Bioscore, an independent entity specialized in managing and consulting sustainability through its own certification and specialized software, has evaluated, verified and audited carefully the documentation provided by Posadas de España in several blocks of information relevant to certification.

These blocks include corporate social responsibility (CSR), emissions, restoration, waste, energy and water. The issues raised in the Bioscore certification are aligned with official international criteria, such as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Good governance
¡A remarkable example of social and good governance is found in Posadas de España! 75% of the managerial positions are occupied by women. This impressive figure reflects a commitment to gender equity and demonstrates how diversity and inclusion are critical to the success of any organization.

The presence of women in management positions is not only a step towards equality, but also enriches the company with a variety of perspectives and approaches, contributing to innovation and sustainable growth. Posadas de España demonstrates that female leadership is essential to achieve good corporate governance and to promote an organizational culture based on inclusion and equality.